A Guest interview – Alex – Tantric Paradise

How long have you been a member at Tantric paradise Temple?
I think you’re in a better position to know the answer to that one! But several years definitely. At least 3 or 4.

How did you come across our temple?
It must have been online I think. I was interested in having a tantric massage, and though I didn’t know a huge amount about it before… I mean I’d had sensual massages in capital, some of which had been called “tantric” but, well, they weren’t… I just felt drawn to you guys.

Do any of your experiences here particularly stand out for you?
Each visit is so varied, but then at the same time it isn’t different, in that there is a core, pervading feeling of love, peace, harmony and connection with both the masseuse and something on a much bigger scale; the divine, actually.

Have you noticed any lasting effects after the massages?
After every erotic massage there is a lasting effect. There is a kind of short term effect, in terms of several days, of feeling much more positive, more energized, more relaxed, happy. And cumulatively it’s had, and it has, a very positive effect on my emotions, my health, my relationships, both romantic relationships and in general! Everything is more harmonious and easy. Not to say its always plain sailing, but overall the effects are extremely positive and wide ranging.

Have your experiences at Tantric paradise changed the way you see yourself or the world around you?
It’s a constantly evolving thing I think, much of which is probably still at an unconscious level which makes it difficult to put into words, but you know, I do feel that it’s a journey of sorts, an ongoing process of improving both my inner well being and my interaction with the world.

As a man, is the way that you relate to the world, to women even, different since visiting the temple? Does the world look more beautiful?
Oh definitely yes! I mean there do seem to be an amazing number of fantastically beautiful women around! Particularly here I have to say!… but also elsewhere too. I haven’t focused too much on this aspect but I suspect it has helped me be more masculine and to emphasize those qualities more. But also I feel more balanced overall between the masculine and the feminine.

There is a common preconception that tantric massage is about sexual relief, maybe just for those who don’t have a partner. Do you have an opinion about that?
Well, as it’s practiced here, it isn’t like that at all. I think its for anybody who wants to become a better person, become a more evolved person… more aware of who they are and the world around them, and to gain a better understanding possibly of God. I think no matter what your personal religious or philosophical beliefs are you will get a lot out of coming here. The spiritual aspects are a very individual and personal thing and there is room left here to explore more in that direction if you choose. You can benefit on all kinds of levels, but the key is to come being open to the experience itself from which many seemingly abstract things can be felt personally. Definitely it’s for everyone and it’s not about ‘sex’ in the way that most people perceive it.

You did some of the initiations here. Are you able to apply them in your personal and erotic life?
Yes, but I want to do more for sure. I’ve done the first four initiations, and after each one there was a period of practicing the techniques given more consistently, but I would like to make some time to revisit the notions. The importance of sexual continence is becoming more and more clear, and I intend to put more emphasis on that.

Do you have a message for any men who might be considering having a London tantric massage and are unsure?
Yes. Do it. None of the girls bite so far as I can tell 🙂 and it’s just the most amazing experience. This is a beautiful place, and the moment you walk in the door you feel you are entering a different realm. The welcome you get is beautiful, positive and relaxed, and the massage itself is just heavenly. The only thing I would say is that once you start you may not be able to stop! So you’ll need to be prepared to build it into your life. At least once a week I would say!

The welcome you get is beautiful, positive and relaxed, and the massage itself is just heavenly.

Interview of guest by Anaelle