Introduce our Tantric massage

The London tantric paradise massage has many kinds of tantric massage services avaialble for clients, sometime new visitors always wondering what exactly the difference between each sessions? Today, allow me to introduce some basic definition of erotic / tantirc massage treatment in London.

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Lingam Massage – Riding the Edge

Go where you have never gone before
Take a Tantric massage journey to electric sexual heights
Hover in your near orgasmic state

“Riding the Edge” is where you float erotically yet free from care for an extended period of time
Thoroughly pampered at the hands of an expert!
Feel that sexual energy tingle and course all through your body
Discover something better then sex!

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The joys and pitfalls of double pleasure…

Hello everyone!

This time I have something to say that touches the core of tantric massage in London and everything that is involved with it. A while ago I introduced the option of having double pleasure. For people new to tantric massage that means ejaculating twice during a tantric massage session. A lot of my clients have tried it with different results. Let me explain.

Some like a session to start with the build up of sexual energy leading to a nice orgasm with ejaculation. Just to have it out of the way so they can really enjoy the massage without feeling the desire to ejaculate overtake everything else. Towards the end of the session they like a renewed build up of their sexual energy resulting in another orgasm with ejaculation.

Others like a little bit less of a spread but of course you can’t do it too close together as the body needs a moment to recover and be ready again for such action.

The idea of tantric massage is to relax and to work with sexual energy. It is not something where performance is measured or a sporting event. That is contradictory with the whole idea. It is your session and your time so make sure that you enjoy it!

Now it happens that I get very enthusiastic clients who say to me that they love going for double pleasure. But when the end of the session approaches and I administer the second relief it becomes clear that the body is not going to corporate and it is not going to happen. What to do?

I gave it some thought. First of all you never know in advance how things are gonna go. There are so many factors that play a role here. They say the brain is the most important sex organ. Once you get too focused on ejaculating that can start working against it and make it impossible. It becomes a catch 22 situation and after a while you start losing the fun. Next to that it can be simply the body that is not ready or too tired for it or your emotions that play up. Don’t forget you are with a tantric masseuse having a session and you are not at home with your partner or with your lover! For people who visit tantric masseuses on a regular basis it is important to differentiate between that and not lose the correct perspective.

During my sessions I try to give my best to make it as pleasurable and comfortable for my clients as possible. But you will appreciate that there comes a sort of a turning point if it proves it is not going to happen. What I mean is that we need to avoid to arrive in an uncomfortable situation where both the client and me are trying to achieve something that is not going to work. Nobody likes to admit too soon that this is the case. But this is very personal and if you push it too far it can ruin the nice experience of the rest of the session.

Please never feel embarrassed to indicate gently to me that enough is enough. That enables me to slowly bring it to an end in such a way that is still very pleasurable for you without one of us trying to hard.

Another way of going about this is to agree in advance that we are going to explore double pleasure but we will just see. One day it might work and another day it might not. This is a much more relaxed approach than agreeing with your self in advance that you are gonna let go twice. In the end when you are with your partner or lover do you agree in advance how often you are gonna come? So maybe it is as well a good idea not to do that do that when you visit a tantric masseuse.

I am sure this post will generate some comments. We never stop learning so I am curious what I will learn from this one.

Thank you dear regulars for your loyalty and welcome to some new clients whom I saw recently for the first time. I hope to see you again.

Have a lovely day!


the mystic of tantric massage

The Tantric Massage massage – Urban legend or Reality?

For the next couple of weeks I am going to write a serial of short articles about myths and realities about tantric massage that probably you hear more than once.

There is not a secret that magic words have been used with none sense for some massage partitioners or that many explanations have been given for someone with not enough experience as a masseuse, not to mention as a ‘erotic therapist‘ or ‘Tantra goddess‘.

the mystic of tantric massage

According to one of the masters I studied with, Massage is 25% technique and 75% experience. A young massage partitioner will learn many different things at once while doing her training as a massage therapist, some of those thing he will never remember on a life time, other he will forget after one week and suddenly with no reason, after years, one day it comes to your mind but, somehow, it is useful for a present personal or professional situation. It is normal, nothing wrong, is just part of the learning process and how a massage therapist develops her own technique or better to say, her own way to approach different situations with different clients. First, one absorb all the information, second that information is process and last is storage on your hardware till is need it.

Reason why a good massage therapist is the one in tune with herself and able to empathize with her clients not the one with one hundred workshops certificates framed all over the walls (half of those are a 3 hours workshop in crystals and there you go, you are a master crystals therapist, not that simple ). A good therapist is the one who made therapy to herself till the last bone on her body before he practice with anyone else.

If we talk about erotic massage for men or sensual massage for men, the massage techniques we use are mostly the same that for any other massage but the sensibility you need as a masseuse, the grade of empathize you need in order to reach and connect with your client, the knowledge of the body language you precise to understand what is happening and is need without being told it is not comparable with a regular therapeutic massage and that cannot we taught, you have it or you do not!.

Now, if we talk about Tantric massage for men you need all the above plus many years of practice and study of Chakras, energies, holistic massage, yoga, personal development, tantric philosophy for a Tantric masseuse is a style of life, as a therapist no one does Tantra massage, you are a tantric person, your approach to life is tantric, you eat, breath, dream and behave differently to the rest because you incorporate the Tantric philosophy into your life, if not does not work, is not real. Tantra it is not a bottom you switch own and off and you are or you are not!.

the tantra massage London

Does Tantric massage includes ‘everything’?

Hello Guys, I’m Tiffany, tantric goddess working with Tantric paradise London. Today I’d like share with you some of my understanding of ‘tantric massage’ .

I often receive calls asking me for my rates and after I answer this, I am asked if the rate is ‘for everything’. Everything? It could mean many things, from the services I provide to towels to even expecting me to iron your clothes at the same time. I am not a dummy and I know many ‘erotic masseuses’ offer sexual services and many of them charge for these services (usually known as full service massage in London erotic massage industry) on the side. Well, my dear friends, not in my case.

sexy therapist - Tiffany

sexy therapist – Tiffany

I provide Sensual massage, Erotic nude massage and tantric massage for men. The service is a full massage service, which includes erogenous areas and genitals, to your relief, and this is performed with an open mind and more or less flexibility depending on the situation, but the rates do not include any type of intercourse and there is not any rate for sexual service. There are basically six different rates based on the massage service type, Sensual, Erotic massage, more intimacy as in Tao massage and tantric massage, and based on the duration of the service, 1h, 1h30 or 2h. Other than that there is overcharge for late hour bookings (from 12am till 8am) as well as for out calls, but I am an erotic female masseuse not an escort. (In case you are looking for an escort, you can visit Cloud9 escort , Punternet or Top escort book to find one)

I do not have rates for sexual intercourse as I do not provide this service. If any time in the past I went further and I got involved in a more intimacy activity with any of my clients, it was totally outside the service and as personal choice.

There are no hidden charges for my services. I do not charge for the use of towels, shower, etc… therefore I believe my rates are very straightforward. You are welcome always to seek clarification as you need it, but please do not be ambiguous with your questions in order to avoid misinterpretations or disappointments.

There are so many information across internet and it is easy to confuse between escort and massage, to learn more about the difference between erotic massage and escort services, I recommend you to read: by Eros Massage London UK. ( ps. I found out that some of Eros massage therapists might also offer escort services / full services )

we love the tantric massage

Psychological Effects of Sensual Tantric Massage

In our massage parlour branch at Victoria page, we have listed a group of Physical effects that authentic tantric massage will brings to you. This time, allow me to present our latest research result – Psychological Effects of Sensual Tantric Massage
Sexual energy and sensuality is a very positive force which can transform your mental-emotional wellbeing, and a sensual Tantric massage as a Spiritual Journey can lead it.

Learning to Receive
Becoming more receptive through sensuality, we also become more receptive to life.

The opposite sex is often sexually attracted to us not through looks or personality but through sensing strong and healthy sexual energy in us. By empowering your sexual field through sensual Tantric massage you emanate this aura to which others will unconsciously respond.

Self Acceptance and Love
London Tantric massage for you cultivates love to yourself and self-acceptance which will have a positive effect on your relations with people.

We are used to evaluating ourselves by comparison to others. How you see yourself is more important than how others see you. My sensual Tantric massage will show you the immense beauty that resides inside you, a beauty noone can take away from you. You learn to relate to yourself as a one-to-one, less dependant on someone else’s opinion. You get more sexual and sensual confidence.

Our sensual Tantric massage is a sort of guided meditation in sexuality, a state of deep relaxation and mental silence while bathing in pleasant sensations. It has a relaxing, rejuvenating and cleansing effect on your mind. Through your sensuality you can also learn to stay relaxed and go with the flow.

Sexual energy is strongly linked to our creative energy. A healthier, well-balanced sexual energy gives new life to creative process.

A strong sexuality and sensuality make a man more vibrant and alive, giving her a more youthful aura and outlook.

Balanced Emotions
Sensuality and sexuality are strongly linked to the man’s emotions. In the profound mediation of Tantric massage and positive energy of pleasure your emotions get balanced and negativity is cleansed.

The effect of a sensual Tantric massage on your hormonal and nervous systems, plus the positive vibrations of sexual energy, act as a powerful anti-depressant.

When you in London, where can you get a Tantric massage?

We at tantric paradise massage parlour offers many different tantric sessions for clients, we have several massage parlours located in London for you to visit,  and you can also choose outcall massage service for  convient and better experience. You can find other tantric massage parlour information at London tantric massage guide.

best tantric temple in London

Tao Massage – Sexual Massage service

Tao Massage or Taoist massage is a healing massage where your sexual, creative energy is built up and harnessed to re-energise the body, mind and soul. It is very similar to Tantric massage but less intense and without the learning process you obtain from the Tantric massage.

Tao massage is more a physical experience, and at Tantric Paradise sensual Massage London is offered as an alternative to the Tantric massage service and for those with an interest in a massage with more physicality than a sensual massage.

tantric massage types

tantric massage types

Tao massage could lead to an altered state of mind conducive to spiritual insights. It is a spiritual practice with a physical component which stimulates and delivers your sexual creative energy throughout your body. The massage is given with an attitude of harmony and gentleness, every movement is slow and gets deeper as the receiver moves into a state of deeper relaxation.

The Erotic components of a Tao massage are the caring touch and the proximity of another body; the twist at Eros London Sensual Massage is to offer Tao massage in the nude, so the contact is direct, as with Californian massage, the focus of Tao massage is on the need to feel the human contact, the proximity of another male body to yours and the caring gentle touch of the therapist.

During a London Tao massage session, beautiful masseuse will use all her body, which means that during a full session you will not just feel the energy through the hands but rather through her whole body. Movements are slow, gentle but firm, and the work is intense and deeper without any pain or discomfort.

There are many benefits of a Tao massage but probably the most significant are those on an emotional level. A professional Tao massage therapist will guide you in order to achieve those, which are fundamental to achieving a total relaxation. The Tao massage is at its most beneficial when we are not aware or expecting nothing. Tao is about the emptiness of the intention and the total surrender.

Tao philosophy is based on the present state of mind, totally alert of what is happening around us without any intervention from us. Remaining in our centre, we become a viewer and we remain passive, surrender and accepting everything around us. A Taoist practitioner will have as the biggest challenge to arrive at that state of emptiness, but not in the sense of being lost, if anything the opposite. The total essence of activity is very difficult to achieve because we have a tendency to try, is natural for us to try to be silent, and try to be silent, try to keep our mind quiet, try to… is already even a huge effort for Tao because while we are trying we are active, we are doing something even when we try to do nothing, and the clue is to understand that nothing means nothing, and by nothing we mean exactly that, nothing.

During a Tao massage session we aim to achieve the same for both of you, by both of you I mean masseuse and client, we share that nothingness and it is when we do so that the sexual creativity energy flows free within us at the three levels, physical, mental and spiritual, with the freedom needed in order to obtain all the benefits from a Tao massage session.

erotic tantric massage goddess

erotic tantric massage goddess

This means masseuse will do nothing more than lay her hands over your back and remain there for the following hour? No, not at all, but as a Taoist practitioner . She will let things happen without any intention, which does not mean there is not meaning and intention behind, it means that she will channel during the session and things will happen without questions, without thinking what I should do next. The hands of a Taoist Massage Therapist will freely flow over your body where they are needed but the whole process is somehow unconscious, there is nothing planned. Unlike other massage techniques, the masseuse is not trying to guess what you need, he just goes with the flow in his own present state of mind.

Tao massage has a very strong spiritual, mystical component; very similar to Reiki where the practitioner channels an energy, let’s call it Universal energy, without any intention, through his hands he is able to channel this energy which comes in contact with your body, within yourself, will go where is needed, the practitioner is a facilitator but he does not have the control of the healing process. During a Tao massage session, the principle is the same but there is more contact between masseuse and client, the healing and the energy is supported also by the touch, and the energies we are trying to activate are the sexual energies.

Creative sexual energy? Yes, creative. It is not like you are going to paint like Picasso, but I can tell you Picasso’s sexual energy is in his work. Sexual energy and creativity go hand in hand, and when they are not that is just sex, animal sex, a primary need. During a Tao massage session, you will connect with this creative sexual energy, it is not about sex if not about sensuality, it is not about sex if not sensuality. Man, especially straight man, is more in contact with the practical side of his mind, he feeds because he is hungry, he drinks because he is thirsty and he has sex because he is horny. Of course that is a generalisation, but as with any generalisation, it applies to the majority of the population and it has become a habit, we see it as normal to the extent that we cannot understand there is more than that; why will you drink if you are not thirsty? Why should we eat if we are not hungry? And why … let’s keep it correct. The point is not to do nothing if you do not feel the need, the question is, why not obtain a bigger pleasure than just cover your needs? Talking about sex, nowadays there are many men addicted to porn or sex but the reason behind this is because they just cover a basic need, and by doing so, obviously, the satisfaction will not last longer, after only one hour, two, one day, they will feel again the need. When we learn to use our creative sexual energy the experience could be so intense and so fulfilling that the need to have it often will disappear. Let’s say you are hungry and you just eat a candy bar, maybe after you are not hungry anymore, but one hour two hours later you will be and probably you will feel weak because your body needs the nutrients of a good meal. Sex, plain sex, is like the candy bar when you are hungry, yes you will feel satisfied at that moment but the urge to have sex again will hunt you again very soon, and your mind should feel as empty as before. I am not talking about getting a big head or in love, my morals are not that high, I am talking about exploring and living your sexuality as a unity, body, mind and spirit.

Tao massage heals all those bad habits, teaches us there are more behind that we can remember, Tao massage connects us again without sexuality, our body our sexual creativity without censorship, without questions. Tao massage London is an experience between you and your female masseuse where you will connect with your creativity in order to improve your sexuality.

A Romantic Sensual Birthday Massage

I will remember that birthday gift for long…

It was hot day in London, 3rd of July – my birthday. I had a call from Carl – my best friend and also my business partner. We are personal financial advisors. He told me that I must take his client, because he got too many on his head, apologized me, and hang out. In few minutes I was sitting in a car, reading message with address. It was somewhere in London. ..

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A Guest interview – Alex – Tantric Paradise

How long have you been a member at Tantric paradise Temple?
I think you’re in a better position to know the answer to that one! But several years definitely. At least 3 or 4.

How did you come across our temple?
It must have been online I think. I was interested in having a tantric massage, and though I didn’t know a huge amount about it before… I mean I’d had sensual massages in capital, some of which had been called “tantric” but, well, they weren’t… I just felt drawn to you guys.

Do any of your experiences here particularly stand out for you?
Each visit is so varied, but then at the same time it isn’t different, in that there is a core, pervading feeling of love, peace, harmony and connection with both the masseuse and something on a much bigger scale; the divine, actually.

Have you noticed any lasting effects after the massages?
After every erotic massage there is a lasting effect. There is a kind of short term effect, in terms of several days, of feeling much more positive, more energized, more relaxed, happy. And cumulatively it’s had, and it has, a very positive effect on my emotions, my health, my relationships, both romantic relationships and in general! Everything is more harmonious and easy. Not to say its always plain sailing, but overall the effects are extremely positive and wide ranging.

Have your experiences at Tantric paradise changed the way you see yourself or the world around you?
It’s a constantly evolving thing I think, much of which is probably still at an unconscious level which makes it difficult to put into words, but you know, I do feel that it’s a journey of sorts, an ongoing process of improving both my inner well being and my interaction with the world.

As a man, is the way that you relate to the world, to women even, different since visiting the temple? Does the world look more beautiful?
Oh definitely yes! I mean there do seem to be an amazing number of fantastically beautiful women around! Particularly here I have to say!… but also elsewhere too. I haven’t focused too much on this aspect but I suspect it has helped me be more masculine and to emphasize those qualities more. But also I feel more balanced overall between the masculine and the feminine.

There is a common preconception that tantric massage is about sexual relief, maybe just for those who don’t have a partner. Do you have an opinion about that?
Well, as it’s practiced here, it isn’t like that at all. I think its for anybody who wants to become a better person, become a more evolved person… more aware of who they are and the world around them, and to gain a better understanding possibly of God. I think no matter what your personal religious or philosophical beliefs are you will get a lot out of coming here. The spiritual aspects are a very individual and personal thing and there is room left here to explore more in that direction if you choose. You can benefit on all kinds of levels, but the key is to come being open to the experience itself from which many seemingly abstract things can be felt personally. Definitely it’s for everyone and it’s not about ‘sex’ in the way that most people perceive it.

You did some of the initiations here. Are you able to apply them in your personal and erotic life?
Yes, but I want to do more for sure. I’ve done the first four initiations, and after each one there was a period of practicing the techniques given more consistently, but I would like to make some time to revisit the notions. The importance of sexual continence is becoming more and more clear, and I intend to put more emphasis on that.

Do you have a message for any men who might be considering having a London tantric massage and are unsure?
Yes. Do it. None of the girls bite so far as I can tell 🙂 and it’s just the most amazing experience. This is a beautiful place, and the moment you walk in the door you feel you are entering a different realm. The welcome you get is beautiful, positive and relaxed, and the massage itself is just heavenly. The only thing I would say is that once you start you may not be able to stop! So you’ll need to be prepared to build it into your life. At least once a week I would say!

The welcome you get is beautiful, positive and relaxed, and the massage itself is just heavenly.

Interview of guest by Anaelle

Tantric Massage for Women

Our male masseur is very experienced and have completed many years of studies in Tantra.
Tantric Paradise’s London tantric massage can create miracles and is by far the most effective massage we have ever worked with.

Erotic Tantra massage for women:

the erotic tantric massageBefore starting you will have a little talk with the masseur where he explains what is going to happen and what you can expect to experience during the massage and after. A feeling of safety and trust are important keywords to us and everything will happen at a slow pace always leaving you the possibility to say stop if you experience the slightest unpleasant feeling.( learn more about tantric  massage for men)

During the massage you will be naked while the masseur is wearing shorts. You will be massaged with nice scented high quality oil all over the body alternately using firm strokes and soft caresses. The treatment awakens and unblocks the sexual energies, it helps lifting and distributes them so they do not remain focused in the sexual area only. In this way you will experience your entire body becoming more sensitive and orgasmic. (read more about the yoni massage and tantric massage here).
Finally you will rest a bit and afterwards there is time for water and fruit and a little talk.

Sensual massage:

A very affective, deeply relaxing massage that is given with gentle feather-light strokes of the fingertips. The entire body is caressed, but the touch is not sexual.
The sensual massage brings you back to your true nature. It awakens and heals the energies of the heart and opens you up to both giving and receiving love. It removes stress and psychic tension and leaves you in a state of deep love.

During the sensual massage you will be naked while the therapist is wearing shorts.

Approximately 2 hours

tao , tantric massage or sensual massage:
– 120 £ simple (2 hands)
– 240 £ double (4 hands)
– for every 5 sessions, the sixth one is our free present for your fidelity (during a period of 2 months starting with the first session)

relaxation massage:
– 100 £ simple (2 hands)
– 200 £ double (4 hands)

* please note that the prices are different from a country to another.

No sexual intercourse is taking place in this tantric massage.

If you are looking for any other types of erotic massage service in London please visit our full list of erotic massage sessions.