The joys and pitfalls of double pleasure…

Hello everyone!

This time I have something to say that touches the core of tantric massage in London and everything that is involved with it. A while ago I introduced the option of having double pleasure. For people new to tantric massage that means ejaculating twice during a tantric massage session. A lot of my clients have tried it with different results. Let me explain.

Some like a session to start with the build up of sexual energy leading to a nice orgasm with ejaculation. Just to have it out of the way so they can really enjoy the massage without feeling the desire to ejaculate overtake everything else. Towards the end of the session they like a renewed build up of their sexual energy resulting in another orgasm with ejaculation.

Others like a little bit less of a spread but of course you can’t do it too close together as the body needs a moment to recover and be ready again for such action.

The idea of tantric massage is to relax and to work with sexual energy. It is not something where performance is measured or a sporting event. That is contradictory with the whole idea. It is your session and your time so make sure that you enjoy it!

Now it happens that I get very enthusiastic clients who say to me that they love going for double pleasure. But when the end of the session approaches and I administer the second relief it becomes clear that the body is not going to corporate and it is not going to happen. What to do?

I gave it some thought. First of all you never know in advance how things are gonna go. There are so many factors that play a role here. They say the brain is the most important sex organ. Once you get too focused on ejaculating that can start working against it and make it impossible. It becomes a catch 22 situation and after a while you start losing the fun. Next to that it can be simply the body that is not ready or too tired for it or your emotions that play up. Don’t forget you are with a tantric masseuse having a session and you are not at home with your partner or with your lover! For people who visit tantric masseuses on a regular basis it is important to differentiate between that and not lose the correct perspective.

During my sessions I try to give my best to make it as pleasurable and comfortable for my clients as possible. But you will appreciate that there comes a sort of a turning point if it proves it is not going to happen. What I mean is that we need to avoid to arrive in an uncomfortable situation where both the client and me are trying to achieve something that is not going to work. Nobody likes to admit too soon that this is the case. But this is very personal and if you push it too far it can ruin the nice experience of the rest of the session.

Please never feel embarrassed to indicate gently to me that enough is enough. That enables me to slowly bring it to an end in such a way that is still very pleasurable for you without one of us trying to hard.

Another way of going about this is to agree in advance that we are going to explore double pleasure but we will just see. One day it might work and another day it might not. This is a much more relaxed approach than agreeing with your self in advance that you are gonna let go twice. In the end when you are with your partner or lover do you agree in advance how often you are gonna come? So maybe it is as well a good idea not to do that do that when you visit a tantric masseuse.

I am sure this post will generate some comments. We never stop learning so I am curious what I will learn from this one.

Thank you dear regulars for your loyalty and welcome to some new clients whom I saw recently for the first time. I hope to see you again.

Have a lovely day!