Introduce our Tantric massage

The London tantric paradise massage has many kinds of tantric massage services avaialble for clients, sometime new visitors always wondering what exactly the difference between each sessions? Today, allow me to introduce some basic definition of erotic / tantirc massage treatment in London.

Lingam Massage – Riding the Edge

Go where you have never gone before Take a Tantric massage journey to electric sexual heights Hover in your near orgasmic state “Riding the Edge” is where you float erotically yet free from care for an extended period of time Thoroughly pampered at the hands of an expert! Feel that sexual energy tingle and course […]

The joys and pitfalls of double pleasure…

Hello everyone! This time I have something to say that touches the core of tantric massage in London and everything that is involved with it. A while ago I introduced the option of having double pleasure. For people new to tantric massage that means ejaculating twice during a tantric massage session. A lot of my clients […]

the mystic of tantric massage

The Tantric Massage massage – Urban legend or Reality?

For the next couple of weeks I am going to write a serial of short articles about myths and realities about tantric massage that probably you hear more than once. There is not a secret that magic words have been used with none sense for some massage partitioners or that many explanations have been given […]

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Does Tantric massage includes ‘everything’?

Hello Guys, I’m Tiffany, tantric goddess working with Tantric paradise London. Today I’d like share with you some of my understanding of ‘tantric massage’ . I often receive calls asking me for my rates and after I answer this, I am asked if the rate is ‘for everything’. Everything? It could mean many things, from […]

we love the tantric massage

Psychological Effects of Sensual Tantric Massage

In our massage parlour branch at Victoria page, we have listed a group of Physical effects that authentic tantric massage will brings to you. This time, allow me to present our latest research result – Psychological Effects of Sensual Tantric Massage Sexual energy and sensuality is a very positive force which can transform your mental-emotional wellbeing, […]

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Tao Massage – Sexual Massage service

Tao Massage or Taoist massage is a healing massage where your sexual, creative energy is built up and harnessed to re-energise the body, mind and soul. It is very similar to Tantric massage but less intense and without the learning process you obtain from the Tantric massage. Tao massage is more a physical experience, and […]

A Romantic Sensual Birthday Massage

I will remember that birthday gift for long… It was hot day in London, 3rd of July – my birthday. I had a call from Carl – my best friend and also my business partner. We are personal financial advisors. He told me that I must take his client, because he got too many on […]

A Guest interview – Alex – Tantric Paradise

How long have you been a member at Tantric paradise Temple? I think you’re in a better position to know the answer to that one! But several years definitely. At least 3 or 4. How did you come across our temple? It must have been online I think. I was interested in having a tantric […]

Tantric Massage for Women

Our male masseur is very experienced and have completed many years of studies in Tantra. Tantric Paradise’s London tantric massage can create miracles and is by far the most effective massage we have ever worked with. Erotic Tantra massage for women: Before starting you will have a little talk with the masseur where he explains […]