the Modern Tantra

Lately, Tantra has become a bit of a buzz word, and if you search on the internet you will find countless pictures of lovely naked ‘goddesses’ promising all kinds of heavenly pleasures. As with many teachings from the east, the western world has been very creative in its understanding and practical interpretation of Tantra. Kamasutra […]

5 Key benefits of Having a High quality tantric massage

We’ve been offering tantric massages in London for many years. Although extremely popular, they are still very often misunderstood. Believed by many to be completely sexual and a type of foreplay, while there’s no doubt they can form part of your sex life at home, there are a number of great benefits to actually having […]

Tantric Massage FAQ’s

Are the customers of London Tantric Paradise Massage allowed to touch the massage goddess? They are allowed but within limits, Ensure your every touch has a reason. Tantric massage in this setting focuses on learning to fully receive, surrendering to the sensations known only to you, without having to give anything back. Trying this can […]

What is Tantric Massage and how does it Work?

Tantric massage is an ancient type of erotic Sensual Massage that has been used in the Far East for centuries. It includes the stimulation of the body by touching, caressing and massaging various intimate body parts in a sensual manner. The massage is performed by professionals, either a tantric qualified masseuse or masseur. This special […]