4 hands Tantric massage

London 4 Hands Tantric Massage

At the London Tantric Paradise we offer not just one on one but 4 handed Tantric Massages in our London Centre as well as outcall to hotels.

Tantric Massage with one Tantric Goddess is delicious, but with two Tantric Goddesses mind blowing. The brain can track where one person is and so likely to touch, its expected, but two people completely confuse the brain and each erotic touch is completely unexpected, your skin goes into a heightened state sending waves of pleasure from each caress, it literally feels like you have 10 hands all over your body.

Arrival in London’s Tantric Paradise

You would arrive at London’s Tantric Paradise and be welcomed by your Tantric Therapist, she will lead you straight into your beautifully prepared sacred space to take a shower, pop a sarong on. Each session starts with a small ritual to represent entering the sacred time together, then your Shakti will then teach you some breath work in order to help relax you and clear your mind.

Once you clear your mind and reach a very a ‘Present’ state you will have more of a physical presence in your skin and more connection to your senses. This is your Tantric Goddesses preparing your body for the orgasmic.

Four hands Erotic Massage

We start by bringing your sense of touch back to life, your skin, wrapped ALL OVER your body….this fabulous four handed massage awakens all those dormant sensations in your skin, it will make your hair follicles stand on end! You will feel enveloped in warmth; we use our senses to heighten your senses, such as the healing art of touch, breath, skin on skin, whispers, feathers, silk, hot oil and other applicable accessories.

It is a very gentle, sensual and intimate massage; if you thought 2 hands were intense, try 4!

Four hands Treatment Rate

All Cost are based on hours – £200 per hour – £300 for 90mins.

For more information and booking detail please contact us