The Tantric Massage massage – Urban legend or Reality?

For the next couple of weeks I am going to write a serial of short articles about myths and realities about tantric massage that probably you hear more than once.

There is not a secret that magic words have been used with none sense for some massage partitioners or that many explanations have been given for someone with not enough experience as a masseuse, not to mention as a ‘erotic therapist‘ or ‘Tantra goddess‘.

the mystic of tantric massage

According to one of the masters I studied with, Massage is 25% technique and 75% experience. A young massage partitioner will learn many different things at once while doing her training as a massage therapist, some of those thing he will never remember on a life time, other he will forget after one week and suddenly with no reason, after years, one day it comes to your mind but, somehow, it is useful for a present personal or professional situation. It is normal, nothing wrong, is just part of the learning process and how a massage therapist develops her own technique or better to say, her own way to approach different situations with different clients. First, one absorb all the information, second that information is process and last is storage on your hardware till is need it.

Reason why a good massage therapist is the one in tune with herself and able to empathize with her clients not the one with one hundred workshops certificates framed all over the walls (half of those are a 3 hours workshop in crystals and there you go, you are a master crystals therapist, not that simple ). A good therapist is the one who made therapy to herself till the last bone on her body before he practice with anyone else.

If we talk about erotic massage for men or sensual massage for men, the massage techniques we use are mostly the same that for any other massage but the sensibility you need as a masseuse, the grade of empathize you need in order to reach and connect with your client, the knowledge of the body language you precise to understand what is happening and is need without being told it is not comparable with a regular therapeutic massage and that cannot we taught, you have it or you do not!.

Now, if we talk about Tantric massage for men you need all the above plus many years of practice and study of Chakras, energies, holistic massage, yoga, personal development, tantric philosophy for a Tantric masseuse is a style of life, as a therapist no one does Tantra massage, you are a tantric person, your approach to life is tantric, you eat, breath, dream and behave differently to the rest because you incorporate the Tantric philosophy into your life, if not does not work, is not real. Tantra it is not a bottom you switch own and off and you are or you are not!.