Tao Massage – Sexual Massage service

Tao Massage or Taoist massage is a healing massage where your sexual, creative energy is built up and harnessed to re-energise the body, mind and soul. It is very similar to Tantric massage but less intense and without the learning process you obtain from the Tantric massage.

Tao massage is more a physical experience, and at Tantric Paradise sensual Massage London is offered as an alternative to the Tantric massage service and for those with an interest in a massage with more physicality than a sensual massage.

tantric massage types

tantric massage types

Tao massage could lead to an altered state of mind conducive to spiritual insights. It is a spiritual practice with a physical component which stimulates and delivers your sexual creative energy throughout your body. The massage is given with an attitude of harmony and gentleness, every movement is slow and gets deeper as the receiver moves into a state of deeper relaxation.

The Erotic components of a Tao massage are the caring touch and the proximity of another body; the twist at Eros London Sensual Massage is to offer Tao massage in the nude, so the contact is direct, as with Californian massage, the focus of Tao massage is on the need to feel the human contact, the proximity of another male body to yours and the caring gentle touch of the therapist.

During a London Tao massage session, beautiful masseuse will use all her body, which means that during a full session you will not just feel the energy through the hands but rather through her whole body. Movements are slow, gentle but firm, and the work is intense and deeper without any pain or discomfort.

There are many benefits of a Tao massage but probably the most significant are those on an emotional level. A professional Tao massage therapist will guide you in order to achieve those, which are fundamental to achieving a total relaxation. The Tao massage is at its most beneficial when we are not aware or expecting nothing. Tao is about the emptiness of the intention and the total surrender.

Tao philosophy is based on the present state of mind, totally alert of what is happening around us without any intervention from us. Remaining in our centre, we become a viewer and we remain passive, surrender and accepting everything around us. A Taoist practitioner will have as the biggest challenge to arrive at that state of emptiness, but not in the sense of being lost, if anything the opposite. The total essence of activity is very difficult to achieve because we have a tendency to try, is natural for us to try to be silent, and try to be silent, try to keep our mind quiet, try to… is already even a huge effort for Tao because while we are trying we are active, we are doing something even when we try to do nothing, and the clue is to understand that nothing means nothing, and by nothing we mean exactly that, nothing.

During a Tao massage session we aim to achieve the same for both of you, by both of you I mean masseuse and client, we share that nothingness and it is when we do so that the sexual creativity energy flows free within us at the three levels, physical, mental and spiritual, with the freedom needed in order to obtain all the benefits from a Tao massage session.

erotic tantric massage goddess

erotic tantric massage goddess

This means masseuse will do nothing more than lay her hands over your back and remain there for the following hour? No, not at all, but as a Taoist practitioner . She will let things happen without any intention, which does not mean there is not meaning and intention behind, it means that she will channel during the session and things will happen without questions, without thinking what I should do next. The hands of a Taoist Massage Therapist will freely flow over your body where they are needed but the whole process is somehow unconscious, there is nothing planned. Unlike other massage techniques, the masseuse is not trying to guess what you need, he just goes with the flow in his own present state of mind.

Tao massage has a very strong spiritual, mystical component; very similar to Reiki where the practitioner channels an energy, let’s call it Universal energy, without any intention, through his hands he is able to channel this energy which comes in contact with your body, within yourself, will go where is needed, the practitioner is a facilitator but he does not have the control of the healing process. During a Tao massage session, the principle is the same but there is more contact between masseuse and client, the healing and the energy is supported also by the touch, and the energies we are trying to activate are the sexual energies.

Creative sexual energy? Yes, creative. It is not like you are going to paint like Picasso, but I can tell you Picasso’s sexual energy is in his work. Sexual energy and creativity go hand in hand, and when they are not that is just sex, animal sex, a primary need. During a Tao massage session, you will connect with this creative sexual energy, it is not about sex if not about sensuality, it is not about sex if not sensuality. Man, especially straight man, is more in contact with the practical side of his mind, he feeds because he is hungry, he drinks because he is thirsty and he has sex because he is horny. Of course that is a generalisation, but as with any generalisation, it applies to the majority of the population and it has become a habit, we see it as normal to the extent that we cannot understand there is more than that; why will you drink if you are not thirsty? Why should we eat if we are not hungry? And why … let’s keep it correct. The point is not to do nothing if you do not feel the need, the question is, why not obtain a bigger pleasure than just cover your needs? Talking about sex, nowadays there are many men addicted to porn or sex but the reason behind this is because they just cover a basic need, and by doing so, obviously, the satisfaction will not last longer, after only one hour, two, one day, they will feel again the need. When we learn to use our creative sexual energy the experience could be so intense and so fulfilling that the need to have it often will disappear. Let’s say you are hungry and you just eat a candy bar, maybe after you are not hungry anymore, but one hour two hours later you will be and probably you will feel weak because your body needs the nutrients of a good meal. Sex, plain sex, is like the candy bar when you are hungry, yes you will feel satisfied at that moment but the urge to have sex again will hunt you again very soon, and your mind should feel as empty as before. I am not talking about getting a big head or in love, my morals are not that high, I am talking about exploring and living your sexuality as a unity, body, mind and spirit.

Tao massage heals all those bad habits, teaches us there are more behind that we can remember, Tao massage connects us again without sexuality, our body our sexual creativity without censorship, without questions. Tao massage London is an experience between you and your female masseuse where you will connect with your creativity in order to improve your sexuality.