the Modern Tantra

Lately, Tantra has become a bit of a buzz word, and if you search on the internet you will find countless pictures of lovely naked ‘goddesses’ promising all kinds of heavenly pleasures. As with many teachings from the east, the western world has been very creative in its understanding and practical interpretation of Tantra.

the tantraKamasutra Modern understanding of tantra has blended the ancient teachings and wisdom of the east with the insights of modern western psychology.. When translated into our day to day experience, it has come to be understood as a way of living more consciously, with more harmony and love in our life. We have a sense of inner fulfillment, our soul is nourished – we become more open hearted, spontaneous, inwardly peaceful and content and more able to nourish and empower others as well as ourself and to relate in a more honest, intimate and authentic way.

We also begin to experience the magic and spiritual dimension of our sexual/sensual energies – hence the expression ‘sacred sex’. The kundalini energy, which lies dormant at the base of the spine, when awakened, can lead to an elevated experience of our own sexual energy. We learn to to let go, to just be, to allow the the masculine and feminine energies within us to harmonise. As we become more open, in body, mind and spirit, we experience heightened and more fulfilling love and ecstasy within – we deepen our capacity for intimacy and our ability to identify and merge with the other in the transcendant experience of blissful oneness.