The best Tantric massage in London by Tantric paradise

We welcome you to our Tantric Paradise in West London, our sexy sensual tantric massage treatment allows you to escape from the stresses and strains of busy, successful yet all too demanding careers working in the British capital. The Tantic Paradise team comprises of  experienced and charming goddess and therapists with background in massage therapy and hospitality.

Are you searching for the perfect combination of healing 5 star spa quality sensual massage therapy integrated with sensual tantric techniques?

Do you yearn to achieve a state of No Mind, the quiet peace of I AM, where your whole body and being are vibrating with renewed energy yet completely relaxed?

Are you visiting London and with there was someone who can bring this experience to you, allowing you to linger in a state of bliss for as long as you’d like following your session?

Erotic massage services for you to enjoy today:

Tantric Massage – Nuru Massage – body to body massage – Prostate Massage – Summer exclusive Soapy massage – Dark Tantra (fetish) – Lingam Massage

the tantra massage London

tantra London

Sexy Tantric Goddess

You are about to enjoy the best tantric massage & erotic massage service in west London. Tantric Paradise London comprise of a team of experienced and qualified beauty therapists, who can take you on a sensual journey that will dissolve your stresses, revive your senses, energy levels and general day to day well being so you may be at your best. Find more about our history.

London Tantric Massage

Foundation session – Naked masseuse with warm oil

Candlelight, with soft music, low lights, infusion of warm oil, to relax you and excite you! Our Tantric includes all traditional tantric stimulation, includes lingam, Body2Body Massage, Tantric breath techniques, tantric Rituals, silk massage, individual attention, to give you ultimate satisfaction in your Tantric experience. Tantric Orgasm included.

***A SHOWER TAKEN WITH YOUR MASSEUSE £30 extra. or Assisted shower £30 extra.


Topless or Lingerie Massage, or Naked Masseuse – one hour of relaxing tantric, infused with Slow penis lingam,

to prolong and can include original Tantric techniques, highly sensual, and Body to Body, eye gazing, Tantric breathing, can include prolonged pleasuring, of the whole body, achieving eventually Tantric orgasm as practised by original Tantra Massage techniques, by Mantak Chia.

Tantric Massage – Naked Masseuse

plus optional service a shower with the masseuse £30 extra.*****

enter the London tantric paradiseFundamental to discovering what Tantric massage can do for you! – the masseuse is naked of course, this involves, swedish and esalen massage techniques, relaxing, slow, sensually erotic massage techniques, to stimulate whole body senses, this includes lingam penis massage, prostate massage – optional, Body to Body nude Massage, includes sliding and gliding, using body and breasts to massage you. Tantric Rituals, and using tantra breath techniqes, to accomplish highly erotic pleasure for whole body, this is Naked Tantric, option to enjoy pure stimulation or if you prefer to achieve a Tantric orgasm! Tantric orgasms are different to ordinary ones, we have discovered that many clients often say this makes them tingle all over, or have whole body orgasmic experience! – through practice this can be achieved.

Four hands Tantric Massage available

This massage can have amazing build up of pure relaxation, and sheer pleasure, of the highest build up of Tantra in a different form but extremely enjoyable! the hands infused together simultaneously, and losing all your tensions away!

It includes all the tantric techniques and more stimulus, includes, lingam, body to body, prostate massage-optional, tantra-breath, and tantra-waves of climbing the highest peaks! very tactile, sensual, erotic infusion.

4 hands available most days, but do give me a call for availability! Rate from £200 an hour

Lingam Massage and Ejaculatory control

This is a sanskrit word for penis, or wand of light, the Lingam massage is massaging the penis, slowly and sensitively, massaging each chakra, unfolding the energy slowly, this is building the sexual energy, as well as expanding with your partner in sharing this beautifull slow build up!- the lingam arousal is special, some men need to develop awareness of the potential sensitivity, the top chakra- is the male clitoris, massaged sensitively, men become aware of their own expansive potential, of also learning control, either with the masseuse, or his female partner/lover, some men can be too aroused to the point or orgasm, so take your time, to enjoy, or circulate this powerfull sexual energy! – by learning control, we teach you how and when, tantric-breathing included for accelarating deep powerfull sexual energy, this helps to prevent premature ejaculation! – this is included when you book a Tantric Naked massage.

Happy ending Massage – This is all included in any London Tantric massage you book*

Prostate Massage with gloves or with Toy

erotic tantric massage goddess

erotic tantric massage goddess

Some men find this area, very stimulating and sensitive, we are all diffrent, so therefore one has to find for themselves in tantra, we do not judge but just allow the free flow of energy to be what you are…if you find this pleasureable then enjoy this is included or can be optional only if you want it to be included in your Tantric massage London session, you can choose.This type of massage can include stimulation with rubber gloves using fingers or a toy vibrator or dildo.

Tantra Yoni Massage

Yoni means flower, its the female name for vagina, – some women would find this immenselly arousing, sensual and stimulating, for pure pleasure, love, lust, other benefits for women who have sexual dysfunctions, inability to orgasm, or sexual blockages. By surrendering their energy, in a safe environment, this is sexual healing as well as pure sexual bliss!

London Tantric Massage for Couple

some couples can really benefit from diffrent aspects of tantra, by learning how to massage each other, becoming more relaxed, many couples can get into a relationship rut, due to routine, children, or too much work. We teach you how to massage each other tantrically and otherwise for relaxation, how to stimulate tantrically, also bringing couples to a more intimate understanding of one another, whilst building sexuality to ultimate high peaks, males benefit for prolonging pleasure, for themselves or with their partners. This can include tantra breath-ultimate peaks, whilst female can share and expand dually with her man and becoming more intimate with tantra realisations, of how to share the pleasures, includes yoni massage, eye gazing, meditation, depending what you need to achieve.

Lingam massage, has the sensitivity and stimulating factor, but the penis has its own chakras, -these are

  • stimulating points,to pleasure but also to stimulate sex hormones, revitalise tired, or loss of libido.
  • During the London lingam massage, depending on sensitivity, as the energy is built up, we go to ‘high peaks’ this is the core of tantra
  • breath technique, if you want to learn how to control your orgasms we teach you here, this eventually with practice
  • can lead to very deep fulfilling, whole body orgasms! or you feel tingly in different areas of your body, this is v. exciting!

couples massage – our full body tantric for the man and yoni massage for the female.

showers available after your massage.

If you need help or need to discuss individual needs do give me a call

Monday ~ Sunday : From 10am ~ late night

Would you like to learn how to give and receive Erotic Tantric massage? We teach genuine swedish massage for destress, and specialise in Tantric Massage, or if you would like to experience and learn how to give a woman a yoni Massage, you can book a Yoni massage, with one of the masseuses, how to Massage the whole body or Yoni, how to caress, and touch a woman, to relax her and excite her! this area can be sensitive so we guide you through our knowledge and inner guidance, it can help your own personal confidence , and enhance relationships. Pure fun and stimulation!

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OPEN – 10.A.M – Midnight. MONDAY -SUNDAY

Tantric Massage in Victoria, Lancaster gate, Bayswater, Queensway, Paddington London, West end London W2

We are Based in central London with 4 massage parlours in Bayswater and Marble arch near Lancaster gate, Victoria station, Paddington tube stations (both within less than 5 minutes walk).

We are the best tantric massage available in west London, See our rates or contact us for your Tantric Massage London Encounter.

Should you have any question about our services, please contact us by Phone or Send email to:

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