Tantric Massage FAQ’s

Are the customers of London Tantric Paradise Massage allowed to touch the massage goddess?

They are allowed but within limits, Ensure your every touch has a reason.

Tantric massage in this setting focuses on learning to fully receive, surrendering to the sensations known only to you, without having to give anything back. Trying this can be challenging, but can allow you to have a more expanded all over and intensely different experience, by reaching out and touching another as part of our arousal, this can distracts us from being present in our own bodies, and engages the mind and expectations. Within the session we are helping find ways to switch off the bind, using breath and awakening the body and senses to sensations, whilst we encourage a good connection with the therapist, each tantric therapist will have their own boundaries, which usually exclude genital touching, so it is best to have a chat with your therapist at the start of the session about this.

Can anybody choose the masseuse who is going to perform massage on her/him?

Different practitioners are based in different locations and work different hours, if the masseuse of your choice is available then of course you can choose who you are most drawn to working with, you can call Goddess admin or visit the schedules page to see where the practitioners and based and their hours.

What is the difference between tantric massage center and spa?

The answer to this question is that there is a huge difference between a spa and a massage center, spa is one that offers body services, bathing services and massage services whereas, tantric massage center is the place where only Tantric massage services are offered.

Tantric massages are tailored to the individual, our tantric temples are a quiet, inviting and private sacred work space, and they offer the best in discretion and a calm and relaxing place to escape. Spas / normal massage centers tend to offer a wide variety of different therapies, however non tantric.

People are afraid and a bit embarrassed at having a Erotic Massage in London what should they do to overcome their embarrassment?

Firstly our receptionist aka Goddess Admin has 4 years’ experience of answering queries as well as a holistic back ground, she answers all queries with the greatest sensitivity and complete confidentiality, secondly we want to ensure that you are getting the best service and the one that is right for you, so we encourage you ask as many questions as you like, and we will be happy to answer them as best we can. Tantric massage can be a great way of increasing body confidence, getting in touch with your body, learning how to switch off your mind, but also offers help and guidance with kundalini energy, and our therapists have a great knowledge of Taoist control techniques, which on a practical level may be beneficial and healing to learn. Tantric massage can help you to be more content, learn how to develop a deep intimacy and connect with yourself and partners.

Do people ejaculate with Tantric massage?

Tantric massage is not focusing on ejaculation – it is the journey not the destination that is of concern, it uses the whole body to build arousal energy, once all arousal energy is built, the massage focuses on the base chakra and raising kundalini energy, so focusing on being more expanded, more alive and more orgasmic, Taoist (oriental massage) control techniques teach that is it possible for a man to become multi orgasmic, learning to separate energy orgasm from ejaculation, learning to control this. Our practitioners have many years’ experience of teaching these techniques

Tantric massage works on balancing the connection between the heart and base chakras, and is an exploration of this energy; it is pleasurable and can be very healing.

Do female masseuses undress their selves or do extras on giving more money?

At The London Tantric Paradise Massage, our sessions are done naturist – we encourage you to chat with your therapist at the start of the session, who can explain the whole process to you, then deliver a fantastic tantric massage, we work with your boundaries, so if you are not comfortable in a naturist environment, we can work around that.

The London Tantric Paradise Massage offers AUTHENTIC tantric massage only, we do not offer sex – if this is what you are seeking, then please look elsewhere for this.

Many times people book a visiting Tantric massage with other companies and the masseuse doesn’t turn up?

Committed, sensible and devoted massage centers and professionals such as London Tantric Paradise Massage never do that. This problem must be with one of the low quality massage salon that you go for.

Can people book a masseuse to stay at their hotel / visiting massage for the whole evening in order to give them massage?

The London Tantric offers sessions for 1hr, 90min, 2hrs – we are not available for a whole evening, 2hr session is the longest that we offer, this allows us to be completely focused and present with you. We recommend a 90min or 2hr session.

Can people book a Tantric Massage from you on non working days?

Yes, our admin office is open 11-10pm on Saturday & Sunday – please CALL to enquire about availability – sms or e-mail at weekends may not be seen straight away